Women’s Health: Preserving the enjoyment of life

Women and men alike may develop significant urinary issues related to the bladder and kidneys that can detract from quality of life. Common urological problems that affect women include urinary incontinence, kidney stones and urological cancers of the kidney and bladder.

areas3Routine daily activities can be easily derailed by urinary problems. Frequent trips to the bathroom can disrupt daytime activities and make for restless sleep. Urinary leakage is not only inconvenient but also socially embarrassing. With the proper diagnosis, effective treatment can remedy this common and bothersome problem.

Kidney stones is a common problems afflicting both men and women. Some women describe the pain from passing a kidney stone to be greater than natural child birth. Kidney stone removal is a safe and common procedure that is highly effective. Identifying the underlying metabolic imbalances that cause kidney stones is important to preventing a recurrence.

Trace of blood in the urine is not normal and may indicate a problem of the kidney or bladder. Whether the urinary blood is visible or seen only under the microscope, evaluation by a urologist is important to avert more serious problems. Blood in the urine may be from simple causes such as simple urinary infection or by more serious causes like a cancer.