Kidney Problems

patiendeducation2Many kidney problems affect both men and women alike requiring evaluation and treatment by a urologist. These problems include kidney stones, infections and cancer.

Kidney stones can affect men and women of all ages. Some women describe the pain from passing a kidney stoneĀ to be greater than natural childbirth. Kidney stone removal is a safe and common procedure that is highly effective. Smaller stones are often removed with endoscopic surgery where a urologist inserts tiny fiber optic cameras into the bladder towards the kidney to locate and extract the stones. Shock wave lithotripsy uses sound waves to break stones located within the kidney. Identifying the underlying metabolic imbalances that cause kidney stones is important to preventingĀ a recurrence.

patiendeducation1Kidney cancer is is among the 10 most common cancers in both men
and women. Early diagnosis and treatment are important for a cure. However, kidney cancers have few warning signs until the disease is very advanced. The most common symptoms include blood in the urine, flank pain or abdominal mass. Localized kidney cancer responds best to surgery and responds poorly to chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Advanced imaging modalities such as CT and MRI scans are useful tools to delineate the extent of kidney cancer. Consultation with a urologist is the first step in receiving treatment. Advances in robotic surgery has revolutionized the treatment of kidney cancer by providing less invasive options with less pain and quicker recovery.