Office Experience

When you walk into Dr. Bui’s office for your first appointment, you are graciously greeted by a team of medical professionals who have tremendous experience in their field. Our priority for your appointment is to provide comfort throughout the treatment process, in addition to providing the most painless and quickest experience for each of our patients.

Initial paperwork is easy to understand, efficient and not very time consuming. Patients are seen as close to appointment time as possible, as we understand that time with the doctor is valuable. Once your appointment with Dr. Bui has started, an initial assessment is taken and then tests are recommended. Since we’re located directly adjacent to Cedars Sinai, you have the strong backing of a renowned medical institute with all necessary testing available under one roof, allowing for better accommodation and comfort.

Results of your tests are given quickly—often within the very same appointment (outside of blood work, which can take a couple of days to process). Dr. Bui will personally go over the test results with you to explain what was found and talk through your personal issues, from bladder to kidney or even genital/prostate issues. Through a calm, confident, clinical and caring manner, Dr. Bui guides you through your options and the decision process, sharing with you his take and expertise on all that is available. You couldn’t be in better hands.

Regardless of the type of issues or problems you might have, the office experience with Dr. Bui is fast, efficient and extremely helpful for guiding you in your options and helping you make decisions moving forward. If surgery is needed, Dr. Bui can quickly accommodate scheduling a surgery date—sometime within two weeks (or earlier, as necessary).