Genital Problems


Sexual function changes deeply impact a man’s well-being, his self-esteem, and intimacy with his partner. As many as 50% of men over the age of 50 have significant problems with their sexual function. Causes may include cardiovascular problems, hormone imbalances, medication interactions and psychological impediments. Understanding the root cause will lead to an effective remedy to this common problem.

At Tower Urology, we specialize in correcting erection problems on an individualized basis. Every man gets a thorough workup starting with a history and physical exam. A full blood panel study examines for hormonal imbalances. Based on these findings, we tailor treatments for each person.

Medications for a erection problems are a $4 billion business annually for pharmaceutical companies. Common medications include Viagra, Cialis, Staxyn, Levitra and Stendra. Although they all have a similar mechanism of action, their effectiveness and side-effects can vary between individuals. Importantly, these medications are unsafe when mixed with nitrate-based heart medications. When these medications fail, there are other more potent medications that are used for injection which will work directly and immediately to treat erection problems.

Surgery is a last resort for erection problems. Surgical placement of inflatable penile prosthesis is a safe and quick treatment when other options have failed. Patient satisfaction with penile prostheses is extremely high. Proper counseling and patient selection are important to ensure success.