Surgery Experience

Prior to the actual surgery, Dr. Bui takes as much time as necessary to answer all questions and walk through the upcoming surgery, as well as what each patient should expect. In addition, we give all of our patients an informational packet of what to expect in the surgery—often complete with pamphlets, brochures and even a DVD.

For the day of your scheduled surgery, there is no waiting time. Before surgery, Dr. Bui’s calm, confident and caring words will reassure you of expertise and success in treating those diseases or issues. (For instance, with prostate surgeries, he has over 90% accuracy with nerve sparing.)

After surgery, you’re put into your own suite, with frequent visits from Dr. Bui and access to unlimited nurses. The setting is private, comfortable and accessible to the team of medical professionals to provide the most accurate and professional results. Shortly after surgery, you’ll have a personal visit from Dr. Bui, regardless of your issue, in which he takes the time to discuss and walk through with you how the surgery, as well as ease any concerns you might have. Dr. Bui will also discuss what to expect moving forward with recovery.

Before being released, the professional team of medical staff will schedule a follow-up appointment with Dr. Bui for a post-surgery check-up, usually about one week after surgery. Within the following days, you can expect a follow-up by phone with other professional staff members to help answer any questions, complications or concerns.

As the doctor’s doctor, Dr. Bui is an extremely well-respected physician in his field. No one can find a better doctor in Los Angeles for urology treatment. Dr. Bui not only offers expertise in his field but also compassion for each patient throughout the journey of achieving stronger health.