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Meet Dr. Matthew Bui M.D., Ph.D.

Urologist at Cedar Sinai Medical Office Towers. Dr. Bui has touched the lives of many people, cured diseases and put patients on the path to a better life. We call Dr. Bui “the doctor’s doctor” since other physicians turn to him for their own personal care!
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Get The Facts

Quickly assess your problem and understand your options. Don’t get overwhelmed and confused with a multitude of information. Get the facts on our website with a simply, quick assessment of your issues, condense and pertinent to your needs.
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Get The Results

You only have one shot at getting results that are going to last a lifetime. Dr. Bui offers quick and lasting results with extremely accurate precision. Get the right treatment that’s effective for you. Feel comforted in the hands of the doctor’s doctor.
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Live Your Life

Our goal is to get each patient’s life back to normal. We want you to have the best quality of life possible, helping restore normality. Our goal is to provide the outcome and results that will get you to return to restore normality (or normal pattern of life so you can enjoy your life and not be bothered by your urological issues) and get you back to the best quality of life possible.
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